About me

I'm a Baby Boomer brat. I was born in 1946 on Nelson Mandela’s 28th birthday (my closest brush with fame) at Tavistock in Devon, England. Rondebosch Boys’ High attempted to educate me without much success. Later, Essex University endured similar disappointments, but got over them. I've (had) three wives, and three children. Each marriage was happy in its own way and in its own time. The children are more beautiful than I expected. I've had a job as a small, and sometimes negative, contributor to the technological revolution. Despite being commonly left-brained, and occasionally no-brained, I write poetry that is sometimes published. I attend and sometimes host the Off-the-Wall poetry gig Mondays in Obz, and I also host occasional gigs in Scarborough, and elsewhere. I edit poetry, teach English, and also write business software. And, aside from a natural tribal arrogance, I'm kind and tolerant, even of dogs.